S2-e45 – In danger at the extra worlds’

Gwenn feels herself take away to another world. She has the feelings of fast moving and of swaying.

After a moment, all her senses have come back. She finds herself in a very lighted room with a lot of screen, an impressive amount of machines, robots of all kinds which are busy to make uncomprehending tasks for Gwenn. She wears an uncomfortable hazmat suit and very badly fitted and she is on an easy chair too big. In front of her a shelf blocks all potential movements.

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S2-e38 – Optimization completed

Gwenn feels herself rolling. She doesn’t know if she passed out, but she finds herself into a strange world.

She feels very calmness, very relaxed like is she flies over the universe. She sees herself like a small blue shape who’s moving from a planet to another without any difficulty, but also without any apparent goal. Continue reading S2-e38 – Optimization completed

S2-e37 – Universe of the extra worlds?

Gwenn finds her back on her comfortable seat, but a bit too big in the middle of those strange planets. She has the feelings that they vibrate and at the same time their color change. Suddenly the seat initiates a vertiginous descent toward one of those planets.

Gwenn stays a few seconds vertically, she distinguishes a kind of huge blue desert with giant dunes. Continue reading S2-e37 – Universe of the extra worlds?

S2-e30 – Yannick at the extra world’s

Gwenn doesn’t have the time to regain her composure. The strange feeling which arrives before her arrival at the extra world’s hits her. She finds herself in her comfortable hazmat suit and on the seat too big for her.

She is like hung in the emptiness with a wonderful scenery, plants with strange shapes and colors which maneuver around her. Continue reading S2-e30 – Yannick at the extra world’s

25 – Another universe

This is both exhilarating and scary ; Gwenn glimpses several meters under her the forest with the shape of flowers, the one she had discovered a few days earlier. The speed accelerates and Gwenn grabs as she can to the armrests of her seat. Suddenly the light appears to be declining, as if something overshadow.


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24 – It’s nearly the departure

After a good golf course, Gwenn goes back home. She is tired and a bit relaxed, she played well and had fun with her friends. But getting closer to her apartment, she felt the tension rising. What will she discover again? Furthermore, her new diploma forces her to leave her current job, the firm that employs offers her a job in relation to her new status, but in Brittany in the suburbs of Quimper. So, she will have to move quickly.


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