S2-e30 – Yannick at the extra world’s

Gwenn doesn’t have the time to regain her composure. The strange feeling which arrives before her arrival at the extra world’s hits her. She finds herself in her comfortable hazmat suit and on the seat too big for her.

She is like hung in the emptiness with a wonderful scenery, plants with strange shapes and colors which maneuver around her. Gwenn admires the spectacle and this silence. But while turning her head to discover all the gigantism of the scenery, she notices Yannick a few feet from her, the face disfigured by the terror. He obviously tries to scream while holding on to his seat. Gwenn tries to wave to show him her presence to try to reassure him. But suddenly the two seats take some speed and are launched into a kind of long tube containing two doors which open just when they pass through and close back just after. Gwenn have trouble to tolerate this method of transport, but she notices that Yannick is more in bad way.

The trip finally ends by a sudden stop in a huge empty room very well lighted. Gwenn is more used to this kind of transport and quickly recovered, but Yannick is very pale and has difficulties to breathe. Furthermore, his eyes express all the terror he feels. The room trembles and…