20 – Where is Nano?

Alarm clock wakes out Gwenn of her sleep, she is in top form as every time she has her strange dreams. A fragrance wafts the bedroom she is also imbued with this strange smell, mesmerizing. Gwenn looking frantically the piece of petal she remembers having brought back from her trip.


But it looks like it has melted, it remains only a mark on the sheet and this perfume that invades the apartment. Gwenn is disappointed that once again there is no evidence of her nocturnal travels. But another thing worries her, she does not hear as every morning the yapping of Nano that welcomes her awakening. Gwenn rushes to the box where Nano is sleeping, it is empty, her little companion has disappeared. Gwenn walk through the apartment, call him, but no sign of Nano. She must hurry because she will be late to the office and her manager does not admit any scheduling gap. Lost soul, she left the apartment to go to work. Gwenn is so concerned that she does not notice that the strange perfume pursues her everywhere. Upon arrival at the office everyone tells her, including her responsible, stingy of compliments, that does not make disparaging remarks about her arriving right on time, but her subtle fragrance. Her colleague always looking for latest fashions is very jealous of her success and harasses her to know the name of this amazing new product.


But Gwenn thinks only about one thing, the disappearance of Nano. Does he go back with his people ? Does the fact that she has searched to bring proof of their existence has definitively ousted her from their world ?