31 – A new mystery

She knows she will find no logical explanation and after a copious breakfast, she decides to go to the golf where she made an appointment for a course. This is the first time she can get there since her relocation and she does not like to let down her new partners.


She meets a couple and their daughter who are captivated by Nano, that always accompanies her mistress. Even without training for weeks, Gwenn is very efficient, it is true that her technique is evolving and she has made great progress especially since her meeting with the aliens. Gwenn never misses her shots and they become more and more accurate. She impresses her partners they even need her advice. But shortly before the finish she feels she has overestimated her strength, she is suddenly unable to move forward. Her partner Paul who is also a doctor, rushed to support her. But Gwenn’s bracelet starts to emit light waves and the faintness of Gwenn fades quickly, which surprises a lot Paul. Fortunately, he did not notice the bracelet of Gwenn or perhaps its waves are only visible to Gwenn ? Gwenn pretends that she had got the munchies and quickly finishes her courses to avoid embarrassing questions. Going back to her apartment, she meets the caretaker who always looks to her strangely since the express renovation of her apartment. « I did not see you yesterday, you were ill, you do not even open your shutters yet we would have thought that you had the sun in your bedroom, and I’m not the only one to have noticed it ! »


Gwenn is caught by surprise, what did it happen during these 24 hours ?