33 – New meeting

Gwenn looks this gigantic being who fixed her with his big round eyes. This time, she hears a sound at the same time as the sentences are printed in her head. « Hello Cybeleen ? Don’t be afraid, I will not hurt you ». Gwenn tries to concentrate, but she is terrified and she trembles.


Moreover she notices that no longer any parties of her body is in the open air, she even wears a kind of completely closed helmet. However, she feels no discomfort and breathes freely. She distinguishes even more easily around her. She has the impression of being in a space shuttle, she distinguishes planets around her, and seems to be suspended in the universe. Instinctively, Gwenn tries to hang on to something she can’t find. This makes his host a reaction that provides her with a large armchair which Gwenn clings to. A little reassured, a flood of questions tumbles out in her head. She doesn’t need to ask them because, as usual, these strange beings can read her thoughts. The being in front of her livens up, but she is not sure that he is alive, maybe it’s just a robot ?

« We call you Cybeleen, because for us it means foreign in your language. We shorten your visits because the atmosphere of the earthling is not the same as ours and you tolerate it with difficulty, we nearly lost of your last visit. This is also why we have changed your suit. » She sees a form that looks like her.