S2-e13 – The extra worlds confront one another

The sky suddenly gets dark. We hear far away the storm rumbling and getting closer quickly and lightning cross the sky.


Then, hailstones pelt down on the road. Gwenn has arrived at the scene of the accident and the storm is so violent than the traffic has stopped. Suddenly, the sky tears, a huge white shape seems to stop a dark cloud which was getting dangerously closer to one of the wounded person and paralyzed the healer team. A kind of ferocious cry is heard and the cloud disappears pulls away by the white shape which becomes mixed up quickly with the clouds.


The rain stops and some sun-rays appear. Gwenn feels eased; she would like to stop, but the police make all the car runs. After this unreal fact, everybody has taking back his life without appearing surprise. Gwenn imagines that she is the only one who saw the fight scene in the sky. And it’s the first time the extra worlds confront one another during broad daylight. The small car drives back Gwenn peacefully, but doesn’t take the road of her home. Gwenn is very intrigued, where it goes now? After few minutes of ride, Gwenn is in front of the emergency of the hospital. She doesn’t know why, but something encourages her to come in. Without knowing where she goes, yet she is certain of the way to follow. After few halls and elevators, she stops herself behind the door of a bedroom. She knocks on and goes inside…