S2-e47 -Toward new adventures

Gwenn wakes up sweating and terrorized. What happened to her friend Yannick? Even if it’s 2AM, she decides to call him.

After a never-ending waiting time this one still sleeping picks up. Surprised to hear her, he is worried of her call. He has obviously no memory of their dangerous adventure. Gwenn claims she had a nightmare and apologizes for waking him up. But, before she hangs up, a frightening feeling hits her. By focusing, she glimpse that someone gets into his flat and seems searching some documents. Gwenn hesitates, she needs to help her friend. But, how to explain her powers? She hangs up, and follow the thief. This one has found Yannick’s computer and is close to copy some files.

Gwenn connects to her friend’s computer and achieve to block the access attempts. The thief seems very surprised and attempts several procedures, straight away stop by Gwenn. He writes a message on Yannick’s computer and magically disappears. Gwenn focuses, but the thief is gone. And she discovers a message on her own computer. “We’ll see you again!” Who is this new worrying character?

Let’s meet again in 2018
for the 3rd episode of our adventures