S2-e41 – Electricity on the fairway

Alex is furious, but particularly upset by being overtaken by a woman. “You could touch me” he says to Gwenn, the glare, when she joins him. But, Gwenn, imperturbable, answers him: “You should have waited that I play”.

Each one goes to his ball silently. The atmosphere is electric and few favorable to play well. The two friends of Gwenn misplace their ball left, right and center; as for Alex, his raging shot throws his ball a few yards from there in a bunker. Everybody stops to see where Gwenn’s ball will arrive. But, she is surprisingly calm. She focuses, she has the impression that all her body participates to achieve the perfect shot. Gwenn shots, and the ball goes up, falls on the green and rolls to the hole. Her friends applause, admiring, but Alex isn’t pleased, he seems even ready to contest the shot.

Alex is more and more aggressive and naturally misses his shots, they arrive in the trees or in the bunkers. Gwenn, however, makes perfect shots and starts to be bored, how to explain this regularity for a non-professional player and moreover lacking of training.

But, suddenly the sky clouds over, Gwenn feels nervous, she feels an imminent danger. She glances around her, and glimpses a small hut which should contain gardening’s equipment. She wakes her head toward her partners who follow her on the run to this improvised shelter.

It starts falling big hailstones on the course, which are throw abruptly by gusts of wind…